Sunday. April 26

Morning everyone!
The presentation on Sunday will be a conversation between Zeb Green and Elle Mills-Warner. Zeb and Elle graduated the same year with M.Divs from Starr King School for the Ministry where they served as successive student body presidents. They will be discussing the role ritual has played in their lives, ministries, and in forging communities. A ritual is a time for the community to enact a sacred or symbolic story together. In this time of COVID-19, our usual liturgies and forms of worship are having to change. The change can be unsettling and also a time for new possibilities. After our dialogue, we will open the conversation to questions from the congregation. The video conference format generally means a more intimate and interactive space and we plan on taking advantage of that interactivity.
We will start at 11 am MST at the following link:
We look forward to seeing you and spending some time talking together!
As a reminder, we will also host our weekly Grouup Hang on Zoom Sunday at 7 pm. Follow the same link around 7 to join in the distant socializing with your favorite UUCEPeeps.