UUCEP has several on-going Social Justice projects, including our foodbank, which serves our neighborhood, our prison ministry, and our commitments to the poor and the dispossessed, along with our commitment to LGBT justice.

UUCEP’s prison ministry at La Tuna Federal Correctional Institute began in 2010 when we received a request from an inmate for UU services. Since then, we have continued to minister to inmates twice a month, with the help of video sermons featuring Rev. Christine Robinson of First UU Church of Albuquerque. Our La Tuna UU group is small – from 1 to 5 inmates on any given week – but lively! Getting to know those living under incarceration has taught us a lot about solidarity and our nation’s penal system. To learn more, talk to any of our La Tuna volunteers (Kathy Anderson, Aurolyn Luykx, and Janet Kincaid), or visit the Facebook group “UUs Resisting New Jim Crow and Mass Incarceration.”

Our members also help out at Villa Maria, the Annunciation House and Nazarine Hall, three El Paso efforts to help the most needy and vulnerable among us.