What to Expect When You Visit Us

When you arrive at our church, you will be warmly welcomed by our Greeter as well as many members of the congregation. You’ll be offered a visitor’s packet. During the service you’ll be given the opportunity to introduce yourself and whoever may be accompanying you to the service. Please join us for coffee and conversation after the service and if you have any questions, our members will be happy to answer them.  You also can learn more about our principles and religious sources on our menu section of this webpage.

You will notice that our services resemble those found in many other churches. We often sing together, our speaker or our Director of Religious Education always have a special story for the children, or the children may have a story for us. We light a chalice as a symbol of our faith and we share Joys and Sorrows. We pass the collection basket, but visitors are encouraged just to leave a visitor card.  You may be treated to a performance by a guest musician. Service topics are wide ranging and may address religious, personal, social or ethical issues.

You will hear us recite together our Covenant:

Love is the doctrine of this church,

The quest of truth is our sacrament,

and service is our prayer.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek knowledge in freedom,

To serve others in community,

To the end that all souls shall grow

Into harmony with creation.

Thus we do covenant with one another.

As we like to say, “Whether you ran in here on little feet, or walked in briskly, or ambled in, or rolled in, you are welcome here.”