Sunday Service: 10:30 a.m.
4425 Byron Street, El Paso TX 79930
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January 14 10:30 am: EVERYONE'S AN IMMIGRANT

Presented by Kathy Anderson As the new administration whips up its base with anti-immigrant hatred and criminalizes refugees, It's good to look at our national history of immigration to reflect on the truth.

We will have our annual meeting and the election of Trustees. This is an important event and everyone should plan to attend. As in our tradition, we will have a potluck after the service and before the meeting begins. This is is a good time to consider how you can servce the communitiy whether as a greeter, a committee chair, a teacher or a member of the Sunday Programs Committee. We also have a Food Pantry that has been suspended since the fire, and needs a leader if it is going to be resurrected.