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September 17, 10:30 a.m.: THE ART OF WAR

An Examination of the Vietnam War

Presented by Wallace Long

Within the limits set by its size, an army's worth as a military instrument equals the quality and quantity of its equipment multiplied by what, in the present study, will be termed as "fighting power".The latter rests on mental, intellectual, and organizational foundations, the willingness to fight and the readiness, if necessary, to die. "Fighting Power" in brief is defined as the sum total of mental qualities that make armies fight.

by Martin van Creveld

Soldiers. of course, do not usually think of what they are doing in such abstract terms, just as people do not think of the Special Theory of Relativity when they use a GPS. To design a GPS, however, does require reference to the Special Theory. In the same way, to understand the deeper implications of how a military organization really works, is a very profound undertaking.

In war, the moral is to the physical as three to one. by Napoleon Bonaparte

Doors open at 10:00 a.m. Coffee and conversation will be available in the front of the house.

In case there is someone who doesn't know, we are still meeting at the Crane House, 3500 Tyler Ave

Sunday programs scheduled for the fall:

September 17 - Military theme, Wallace

September 24 - Guest Speaker

October 1 - Certitude - Gene Keller

October 8 - Columbus Day, Guest Speaker

October 15 - Dave Johnson

October 22 - open

October 29 - Pagan UU's

November 5 - Aurolyn and Maya

November 12 - Guest Speaker

November 19 - Music Service

November 26 - open

December 3 - open

December 10 - open

December 17 - Children's Service

December 24 - Christmas Eve Service

The CYRE classes for 2017 have some tentative plans scheduled for the kiddos through December. At this time the majority of our children attending are toddlers from 2-3 year of age. Therefore, Aurora will be our daycare attendant during and after the service until 1-1:30 p.m. unless we have a quarterly meeting that goes longer.

Elementary age students should have a brief lesson from the curriculum chosen by chairpersons. We have decided that once a month there will be an outing for all children to participate in. Some of these are social justice activities and others are fun adventures that promote sharing, learning, and time for friends!

Here is a list of the dates & activities.

Oct 15 - Pumpkin Patch.

Nov 12 - Visit to Animal Rescue for dog presentation. Donate dog food snacks to presenters.

Dec 10 - Christmas presentation by youth and children.

Dates and times are subject to change.